Tuesday, April 13, 2010

UTD 19 - With Rachel!

(The four track is still acting up, so this one sounds a little shitgazey. We're sorry. The problem will be fixed next week. You kids like that kinda crap anyway, right?)

This week: Rachel from Pop Jew joins us to talk about the musics.


Ghost Town---The Specials---Ghost Town Single---2 Tone
ADP Blues---Thomas Function---In the Valley of Sickness---Fat Possum
Basil's Kite---caP'n Jazz---Analphabetapolothology---Jade Tree
Hava Nagila---Dick Dale---King Of The Surf Guitar: The Best Of Dick Dale And His Del-Tones---Rhino

Goodbye Girl---White Wires---Pretty Girl 7"---Trouble in Mind
I'm In Love With My Walls---Lester Bangs And The Delinquents---Jook Savages On The Brazos---Live Wire
Book Of Flags---Q and Not U---X-Polynation---Dischord
Dogbite---Natural Child---7"---Infinity Cat

Knick Knack---Mr. Dream---No Girls Allowed---God Mode
Age Of Spitting---Discount---Crash Diagnostic---New American Dream
Apple Tree---Nobunny---Raw Romance---Burger
Crushed---The Wedding Present---Bizarro---RCA

You Don't Know---13th Floor Elevators---The Psychedelic Sounds of Thirteenth Floor Elevators---International Artists
Looking For Some Action---Bare Wires---Let Down 7"---Tic Tac Totally
Aging Had Never Been His Friend---Love Is All---Nine Times That Same Song---What's Your Rupture?
We're in a Place---The Goodnight Loving---The Goodnight Loving---Dusty Medical


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