Friday, April 2, 2010

UTD 17


Not a Day Goes By---Leatherface---Mush---Fire UK

Keep on Knocking---Death---For the Whole World to See---Drag City

You Woke Up My Neighbourhood---Billy Bragg---Don't Try This at Home---Elektra

Midnight Bus---Betty McQuade---Midnight Bus Single

Atlantic Bridge---Little Lungs---Hoist Me Up!---Salinas


Can't Do That---Dead Moon---Crack in the System---Sub Pop

All My Friends---Leaving Trains---Well Down the Blue Highway---Bemisbrain/Enigma

Waterbug Beach---The Marsh Hens---Filth Rattle

Artificial Heart---Yo La Tengo---Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo---Matador

Bit Part---Lemonheads---It's a Shame About Ray---Atlantic

Street Fighting Man---The Rolling Stones---Beggars Banquet---Decca

Queer Salutations---Teenage Cool Kids---Queer Salutations---Protagonist Music

Green Fuz---Randy Alvey and the Green Fuz---Green Fuz/There is a Land

Times We Used to Spend---Marine Girls---Beach Party---Whaam!

So Alone---Johnny Thunders---So Alone---Sire


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