Tuesday, April 6, 2010

UTD 18

(Please forgive the sub-par audio quality this week. The 4-track has been acting up lately.)


Teen City---Modernettes---Teen City E.P. 12"
---Killed By Deah
Take Me from Diamond Head---Grampall Jookabox---Scientific Cricket---Joyful Noise
Eliseo---Lamps---Lamps 2---In The Red
Girl Don't Tell Me---The Beach Boys---Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!)---Capitol

Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited---The Move---Shazam---Repertoire
2Morro Morro Land---Lightning Bolt---Hypermagic Mountain---Load
White Mice---Mo-Dettes---White Mice 7''---Mode
U Got The Look---Jeff The Brotherhood---Heavy Days---Infinity Cat

Wrapped Up---Eddy Current Suppression Ring---Primary Colours---Aarght!
Peacocks&Heathers---Old Testament Heroes----Culture War---Doom Song
Rudes and Cheaps---Bent Outta Shape---Stray Dog Town---Recess
Lake of Fire---Meat Puppets---Meat Puppets II---SST

Bell---Swirlies---Blonder Tongue Audio Baton---Taang!
The Wezst---Highway Gimps---Demo
Don't Die---Neon Boys---Neon Boys---Shake
A Pillar Of Salt---The Thermals---The Body, The Blood, The Machine---Sub Pop


bananapants said...

modernettes & mo-dettes r sikkkkkkkkk brozzzzz

JB said...

it's all about the Gimps. Sit those fellas on your couch sometime.

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