Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UTD 16: Breakfast

Good morning!


September Gurls---Big Star---Radio City---Ardent
Incinerate---Sonic Youth---Rather Ripped---Geffen
Awaiting on You All---George Harrison---All Things Must Pass---Apple/EMI
Dry---P.J. Harvey---Rid of Me---Island

The Ballad of San Bruno---The Ovens---Beau Goes to the Hospital---Riisk
Your Mouth Into Mine---Black Francis---Bluefinger---Cooking Vinyl
Biafra---Zounds---Curse of the Zounds!---Rough Trade
Systematic Death---Crass---Penis Envy---Crass

Carlotta Valdez---Harvey Danger---Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?---Island
Gut Feeling---The Unicorns---Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?---Alien8
Bikeage---Descendents---Milo Goes to College---New Alliance
She Bangs the Drums---The Stone Roses---The Stone Roses---Silvertone

Spanish Bombs---The Clash---London Calling---Sony
Blank Girl---Dum Dum Girls---I Will Be---Sub Pop
You'll Turn Into a Stranger---Yankee Kamikaze---Demos
Bad Moon Rising---Creedence Clearwater Revival---Green River---Fantasy

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

UTD 15: with Nicki & Max!


This week, Nicki from Dead Herring and Max "Pizza Pants" Tremblay hang out and talk about rutabagas, Lady Gaga and LARPing.

You and I---Cut Off Your Hands---Shakey Hands EP---I Am Sound
Die Mastrosen---LiLiPUT---Die Matrosen 7"---Rough Trade
Lead Pill---The Observers---So What's Left Now---Vinyl Warning
Vicarious Fame (I'm Hip)---Bobby Joe Ebola and the Children MacNuggits---Carmelita Sings Visions of a Rock Apocalypse---Teal Shirt

The Blind Eating the Blind---Battleship---Hearts Addendum---On/On Switch
Supermodel---Presidents of the United States of America---II---Columbia
Turn it On---Sleater-Kinney---Dig Me Out---Kill Rock Stars
Audrey’s Eyes---Velocity Girl---Copacetic---Sub Pop

This Will Be Our Year---The Zombies---Odyssey and Oracle---CBS
Wet to Dance---North of America---Brothers, Sisters---Level Plane
1984---Feederz---Ever Feel Like Killing Your Boss---Broken Rekids
Culture Crossover---Alien Kulture---Asian Youth EP---R.A.R.

Late Late Late at Night---Missouri Sex Offenders ---Xanadudes EP
I Love You Cause You Look Like Me---The Ponys---Laced With Romance---In The Red
Bad Girl---The Zakary Thaks ---Face to Face---Collectables
Fodderstompf---Public Image Ltd.---First Issue---Virgin

Waiting---The Rentals ---Return of the Rentals---Maverick
Drop Out---The Original Sins---Acidbubblepunk---Psonik
I Was a Teenage Werewolf ---The Cramps ---Songs the Lord Taught Us---Fontana A&M
Tu M’as Trop Manti---Chantal Goya---Masculin, Feminin Soundtrack---RCA

Monday, March 8, 2010

UTD 14


This week we discuss rotator cuffs, sensory deprivation chambers and how much we'd rather be outside.

On Parade---Electrelane---The Power Out---Too Pure
Operation Dry Pants---Unnatural Helpers---Unnatural Helpers---Hardly Art
Girlfriend---Carrie Nations---Be Still---Plan-it-X
Debaser---Pixies---Doolittle Demos

Another Song---Swell Maps---A Trip to Marineville---Rough Trade
When You Find Out---The Nerves---The Nerves---Alive (re-release)
Rocket---Smashing Pumpkins---Siamese Dream---Virgin
Alias Directory---The Monorchid---Who Put Out the Fire?---Touch and Go

Maybe---Split Enz---Mental Notes---Mushroom
Gut Feeling---Devo---Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo!---Warner Bros.
Black-Haired Girl---Sebadoh---III---Homestead
Leotard---TacocaT---Shame Spiral---Don't Stop Believin'

Long Distance---Go Sailor---Discography---Look Out
Afterwards---Van Morrison---Astral Weeks---Warner Bros.
US Millie---Theoretical Girls---Theoretical Record 1978-1981---Acute
Jinx---Golden Triangle---Double Jointer

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