Thursday, March 10, 2011

Season 3 Begins with Kate Wadkins!


Up The Drunx's back from the gutter and we've brought someone with us!

Kate Wadkins, bass player for the wonderful, Very Okay , joined us last weekend to discuss her new zine, International Girl Gang Underground, 11 year old Riot Grrrls, bi-hawks and Phil Collins. She brought her lovely friends, Cynthia (also from Very Okay), Dave and Jason along for the fun. Go check out the Zine's release party on Saturday at Death by Audio!

Why Can't I---Big Eyes---Why Can't I
Oh---Sleater-Kinney---One Beat
Shadow---Grass Widow---Past Time
Sleep Creep---White Lung---It's The Evil

Nerd In The Pit---Zombie Dogs---The Big She-Bang Compilation
Sky People---Tiny Knives---We're Our Own Wolves
Wild Boar---Mika Miko---666
Kill Coyotes---Songs For Moms---I Used To Believe In The West

Blood One---Bikini Kill---Pussy Whipped
No Sleep---Huggy Bear---Don't Die
Keep Livin'---Jean Grae---Grae Fruits: The Jean Grae Compilation
Like Lead---Veronica Lipgloss And The Evil Eyes---Bizarro

Love Und Romance---The Slits---Cut
Every Single Thing---The Muffs---The Muffs
G.F.S.---Slant 6---Inzombia
Gagged and Tied---That Dog---Retreat from the Sun

Please note:
From this point forward, we will be doing this show in a "seasonal" format as we're not good at keeping this weekly. The seasons will be fairly arbitrary but probably last from Spring-Fall (this also happens to be the NFL offseason...)

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