Tuesday, March 24, 2009

UTD 6: Sleepies vs. Haunted Castle

Bonus Mp3 (not for the faint of heart):
Jungle----Electric Light Orchestra (ft. Sleepies and Haunted Castle)

Well, it's taken three days to sift through the marathon of idiotic jabbering that took place on Sunday, but UTD Episode 6 has arrived. We struggled for hours over how to edit all the material down to a concise, thematically cohesive hour of music and discussion. That pretty much failed. Instead, we decided not to really edit anything at all. This week's episode is the kind of thing that should be listened to only to insure that something like it never happens again.

Sleepies vs. Haunted Castle
Part 1
Part 2

UTD 6 Playlist:

Concubine -----Converge (HC)
Anti-Pleasure Dissertation---Bikini Kill (S)
You're the Problem---Cut the Shit (HC)
Quarantine----Career Suicide (S)

I Realized My Error on Harrison St.---This is My Fist (S)
Gimme Some Head---GG Allin and the Jabbers (HC)
Heartbeat-------The Knack (S)
Newest Youth Rebellion----Index for Potential Suicide (HC)

Linoleum---NOFX (S)
Fish Fuck---GWAR (HC)
Destination: Blood!----Orchid (S)
Boob Scotch----Bob Log III (HC)

My Name is God (I Hate You)---Eyehategod (HC)
Uh Oh ---- Busy Signals (S)
Fist Fuck---Dr. Know (HC)
London Dungeon----Misfits (S)

Siamese Gun - The Blood Brothers (S)
Hot Salvation-----Old Man Gloom (HC)
Business Cats---Mika Miko (S)
Sleipnir-----Manowar (HC)

Dueling Banshees----Karp (HC)
Mit Lille Sorte Aeg----Gorilla Angreb (S)
Bro-hymn Tribute-----Pennywise (HC)
Jungle----Electirc Light Orchestra (S)


Jack Crank said...

I hope your couch still smells like my farts and that beer I threw.

JB said...

Dudes, your buddy Jack was just in the New York effin' Times... representing the Trustfunders, no less. Classic.
JB (de los Marsh Hens)

JB said...

Actually, to be fair, the article doesn't cast him as a trustfunder, really. It just says he has turned to his 'rents for money. If you can't find it, it's here: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/08/nyregion/08trustafarians.html?_r=1

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