Monday, March 16, 2009

UTD 5: Confrontation

BONUS MP3: Voodoo Glow Skulls Death Threats

This week we gear up for our Sleepies vs. Haunted Castle showdown with some songs about/anecdotally related to confrontation. Other topics include: shit talking, heckling, feuds, epic battles between man and beast, landlords, international diplomacy, nihilism, MTV, and whether or not the snakes are awesome (they are).

We should also note that on this week's show we take some jabs at Haunted Castle and the lip tattoos they've recently acquired. Let it be known that all these remarks were made with beer in our brains and love in our hearts. If anything, it reveals our lack of confidence going into next weeks showdown. That is not to say we won't be ready to crush those goofy fuckers come next Sunday. Now, go listen to Haunted Castle.

UTD 5: Playlist

Yes, I'm Starting Shit----Fleshies-----Kill the Dreamer's Dream 2001
Ska Sucks------Propagandhi----How To Clean Everything 1994
I Wanna Get A Mohawk (But Mom Won't Let Me Get One)----A.F.I.-----Answer That And Stay Fashionable 1995
I Hate You-----Monks----Black Monk Time 1966
Iron Tusk-----Mastodon-----Leviathan 2004

Not If You Were the Last Dandy On Earth-----The Brian Jonestown Massacre----Give It Back 1997
Small Snails---Cheeky-----Choke On A Cheeseburger 2008
Life Is Not Worth Living And Suicide Is A Waste Of Time---Lester Bangs And The Delinquents----Jook Savages On The Brazos 1981
I Hope You Get Drafted----Dicks---1980-1986 1997
I Don't Want To Be Friends With You---The Shop Assistants----Will Anything Happen 1986
MTV - Get Off The Air---Dead Kennedys-----Frankenchrist 1985

Wrong-----Archers Of Loaf----Icky Mettle 1993
Shut Up----Awesome Snakes----Venom 2006
Rent Raiser----Inserts----Inserts E.P. 7" 1981
California Girls-----The Magnetic Fields----Distortion 2007
Platypus (I Hate You)----Green Day----Nimrod 1997

Cobra Vs. Mongoose----Shonen Knife----Rock Animals 1994
To Hell With Good Intentions----Mclusky----Do Dallas 2002
Fuck the U.N.-----Abi Yo Yos------Abi Yo Yos 2004
I Hate Led Zepplin-----Screeching Weasel-----Boogadaboogadaboogada 1988
Everyone's a Whore----Hickey-----Live in Mobile, Alabama 1995

Background Music:

Something Against You---Pixies---Surfer Rosa 1988
Georgia vs. Yo La Tengo---Yo La Tengo---Summer Sun 2003
Argument---Fugazi---The Argument 2001 (This probably should have been on the show...)
Death to Our Friends---Sonic Youth---EVOL 1986


Jack Crank said...

Wow, maybe I'll actually be able to sit through this abortion. For fucks sake, not even Ross can save you from all encompassing failure. You suck, pansies.

Jack Crank said...

PS: Mastodon can fucking blow me pigfucker and Blood & Thunder woulda been a better choice. Guess that's what you get when you send a fucking pussy to do an assholes job. Pussy.

haunted said...

man, you guys get a lot of phone numbers from 14 year old girls with this blog?

sounds like the only thing you know about Rochester is where the middle schools is at.

i thought this was Up The Drunx, not "Up The Tipsy on Half a Stolen Wine Cooler Crew". if you guys blow any harder, they're gonna name a hurricane after you.

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