Sunday, February 28, 2010

UTD 13: With Preston!

Cover by Preston Spurlock


Tonight Preston joins us to eat nachos, and learn why Josh is a Republican.
Listen to Old Hat. Meet a Japanese cat: Kung Fu Crimewave. Or... Hugga Broomstik!

Star Slight---At the Drive In----Acrobatic Tenement---Flipside
We're So Cool---Au Pairs----Playing With a Different Sex---Human
Terisa Give Me That Knife---Nomeansno----The Day Everything Became Isolated and Destroyed---Alternative Tentacles
Six Strings that Drew Blood---The Birthday Party----The Bad Seed E.P.---4AD

Gonk---Miracle Chosuke---The 7/8 Wonders of the World---Dim Mak
Library Song---The Tinklers---Crash---Shimmy Disc
Hold Me---Billy Childish and Holly Golightly----In Blood---Wabana
Devil---Okay---Low Road---Absolutely Kosher

Your Stupid Friends---John Trubee and the Ugly Janitors of America---World of Lying Pigs---Musical Tragedies
Evidently Chickentown----John Cooper Clarke----Live in Glastonbury 19-06-81
Drunken Maria----Monks---Black Monk Time---Polydor
Nash---Longmont Potion Castle---Volume 4---Post Replica

Pyromaniac---The Verlaines---Flying Nun 25th Anniversary Boxset---Flying Nun
Tonight---P.S. Elliot---The Bike Wreck Demo---Self Released
Lowdown Girl---Prewar Yardsale---Lowdown
Closer---Stupid Party----Stupid Party---Freedom School Records

Chicken Walk---Hasil Adkins----Out to Hunch---Norton
Sex Sting---Joe Jack Talcum---Photographs from the Shoebox---Fistolo
Hard Drivin'---Weed Hounds---Split 7" w/ Dude Japan---Rok Lok
You Got it (Keep It Out of My Face)---Mudhoney----Superfuzz Big Muff---Subpop

Monday, February 22, 2010

UTD 12



Your Number or Your Name---The Knack---Get the Knack---Capital
Right Now---Teengenerate---Get Action---Crypt
It's a Clear Night---Half Japanese---Fire in the Sky---Safe House
Cumicide---MUHAMMADALi---MUHAMMADALi/Black Congress Split Cassette

Baking the Wolf---Homostupids---The Load---Load
This Time Tomorrow---The Kinks---Lola vs Powerman & the Moneygoround, Part 1---Pye
Marry Me---The Sandwitches---How to Make Ambient Sadcake---Turn Up!
Fix my Brain---The Marked Men---Fix my Brain---Swami

Friday Night Ride---"Sticky" Nicky Morgan & The Spring Chikinhedz
Cocaine Blues---Townes Van Zandt ---Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas---Tomato
I Do---Screaming Females---Singles---Don Giovanni
Tainted Love---Gloria Jones---Single---Champion

Lucky Guy---The Muffs---s/t---Warner Bros.
Not Fuckin' 'Round---GOAT.
Triple Mass---Flipper---Love---Flipper
Gimme Danger---Iggy & The Stooges---Raw Power---Columbia

Godstar [Ready Steady Go Mix]---Psychic TV---Godstar: Thee Director's Cut---Temple

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Sincere Apologies to the Continent of Australia...

We know nothing about you.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

UTD 11: And...We're Back!


After a 9 month hiatus and a handful of pregnancy scares, we're back! Just when you thought you'd finally forgotten...


The American in Me---Hickey---Joey Vindictive Presents... (That Was Now, This Is Then) comp---VML records
Psychedelic---Yellow Fever---s/t---Wild World
Airplanes---Mayyors---Megan's LOLZ 7''
Skull Lender---Past Lives---Strange Symmetry---Suicide Squeeze

My Face Hurts---Leg Sweeper---Demo
Back in January---Angst---Mystery Spot---SST
Davey Crocket---Thee Headcoatees---The Sisters Of Suave---Damaged Goods
Big Time---Pygmy Shrews---The Egyptian---Wantage USA

Negative Creep---Nirvana---From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah [Live]---Geffen
Strip Mall Glass --- Veronica Lipgloss and the Evil Eyes---The Witch's Dagger---GSL
Electric Eye---A Frames---A-Frames LP-- S-S Records

Money Will Roll Right In---Fang---Land Shark---Boner Records
New Look---Human Hands---Bouncing to Disk---Grand Theft Audio
Nut Haus----Partyline---Girls With Glasses---Retard Disco
Yellow Balloons---Grass Widow---Grass Widow---Captured Tracks

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